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POPtropia is an MMORPG & Virtual World Hybrid that is shaping the future of Virtual Reality. The dawn of the Massively Multiplayer Online Game Era is upon us and the Pro Gamer has been born. Currently, while some MMO Addicts live in denial, cutting school, collecting pocket money, disability, residuals, stock dividends or trust fund income to pay for subscription fees and power ups in games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, Pro Gamers have discovered that it is possible to generate profits.


NEVERDIE Studios eye is on the future, having spent a decade laying the foundation for Pop culture to enter Virtual Worlds as readily as it has been able to dominate the Internet.

NEVERDIE – produces Worlds, Games, Virtual Products, Live Action Movies and Hit Records. NEVERDIE establishes lasting relationships with the most Iconic Brands and people.