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ROCKtropia Government Outline and Roadmap

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    Voting (Events) will be Held on 11th and 12th of March 2017 (Subject to Change)
    so, uh, since that date has passed... any eta on when it'll happen?, and/or did it already happen?


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      Originally posted by danka soul View Post
      well watched all the conversations...and its good to see it unfolding the way it is Congratulations to all
      Would have liked to have become part of the Government that's unfolding but due to computer illiteracy aka streaming etc i would find it hard to fulfill my duty in this regard
      But more than happy to become a private secretary for any Minister who feels i could be of support to their Ministry
      streaming is easy if you have the right software... There's a free software out there that does a pretty good job with Entropia. Will post details about it sometime here if I get around to it (only got a few minutes at this point in time)

      I don't have time to run for any positions since I simply don't have enough time to stream 5 hours at a time any given week. I mostly log in a few minutes here, a few minutes there, maybe a few hours on my day off, and that's about it... I suspect most others do too... lowering number of hours to stream to around 2-3, maybe 5 max on special event times, etc. may be a good idea. Most depositing players have real lives... time is money.

      In recent days I've started watching this forum more... It's fairly dead, much like entropiaplanets, but some of the info here is useful, even if outdated... I'd suggest you put in some content creation ministers as well as some forum mod ministers, or whatever...

      Over on pcf I have started what is probably one of the most lengthy list of historical info in Entropia's history... You got a minister of Historic Archives position?

      Also, do you have a wiki entry position? Getting more info on wikis on entropedia and on entropiaplanets might be an interesting job for someone... it would probably easily take as many hours as you are wanting ministers to take on.

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