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The War against AI is upon us! POPtropia Conscription Starts Now!




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  • AmeVRica Crowdfunding underway

    The first Teleport Tokens have been purchased and work on building The Great Teleporter "The First Wonder of Virtual Reality" will get underway immediately on ROCKtropia. This means more Paid Jobs for You!

    Exciting Times ahead! - We will get the Election underway as soon as Possible so the ROCK Gov can help with the organizing the work force.

    The actual Monetized Teleportation system will not be implemented into Entropia Universe at the request of...
    05-07-2017, 11:33 PM
  • ROCKtropia Billion Jobs VU - April 4th VU Notes

    ROCKtropia - BILLION JOBS Version Update
    April 4th 2017

    Office of the President of Virtual Reality

    Citizens of ROCKtropia are encouraged to work to save humanity by defending the economy from AI Bots. The President of Virtual Reality has set up a conscription program which will provide upward of 1 Billion Jobs paying a wage of $10 per month to bot hunters. Report to the Parking Lot at Club NEVERDIE...
    04-04-2017, 08:30 AM
  • Register to Vote!


    Add your full Avatar Name to the Registry Thread in order to Register as a Citizen of ROCKtropia and participate in the democracy.
    Voting will require a token as a proof of citizenship. You will need to exchange 100 ROCKbucks for a Token.
    03-24-2017, 03:33 AM
  • MMOWC League 2016 - 2017 controversy

    In light of the current controversy over the additional Prize awarded to Lunchbox who would have completed 18 Rounds and potentially finished in the Top 6 had he not been Stabbed in the chest and hospitalized. I realize that this is not the right type of official Planet event that should reward very rare and desirable game items as prizes...

    MMOWC League is an e-sports type of event where one would hope a little Sportsmanship will go a long
    02-10-2017, 12:43 AM
  • So Long, and Thanks for all The Crabs

    So Long, and Thanks for all the Crabs

    It has been a wild ride this past 7 years. It took a little longer than expected to create a Virtual world that could be an authentic capital of Pop Culture in Virtual Reality. The key ingredient lacking at the start was a History of its’ own. I never felt that a fictional back story was the right direction for ROCKtropia, I always felt that it could have a real story, which it does now. Almost 7 Years of all of our successes...
    02-04-2017, 12:34 AM
  • BULLSEYE! Crafting, Mining & Hunting Holiday Event!

    For Crafters, Hunters & Miners!!


    1st - Playa Del Harlem Market Stall
    2nd - Camp Crunk Billboard 0002
    3rd - Camp Crunk Billiboard 0003
    4th - Rocktropia U Apartment
    5th - Rocktropia U Apartment
    6th - ROcktropia U Apartment

    To Hit The Bulls Eye you Must Score a 142 Ped Global or Hof

    Read More at the RULES and EVENT THREAD

    12-24-2016, 03:13 PM

  • The War against AI is upon us! POPtropia Conscription Starts Now!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Conscription1.jpg
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    Do you Prefer to subscribe to online worlds and Pay them $10 Per Month to Play 10hrs a week? Or Would You Like to be Paid $10 (100 Ped) a Month to Play for 10 hrs a week Plus a potential Bonus of 400 Rockbucks per Month for exceeding Quotas?

    First POPtropia Conscripts Tour of Duty will be a 3 Month contact.

    You Have No choice but to undertake this responsibility for your World, however if you would rather not be knocked out with a baseball bat and dragged unconscious from your bed to serve, we will give priority to the first 10 Individuals who request to be conscripted.

    Initialy only those volunteering to be conscripted without the use of force will have the opportunity to earn the 400 Rockbucks per Month Bonus.

    Anyone who goes Awol and fails to complete their contract will not be eligible in the future for POPtropia Employment opportunities that may or may not arise.

    To Volunteer Post in the following thread​
    If by chance you are reading this post and don't already have a POPtropia AVatar.
    please visit and create your account. Your Avatar will spawn outside Club NEVERDIE. Take a screenie of your noob avatar, then please register in above thread and post the screenie of your brand new avatar!!
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