Buy NEVERDIE Coins and you can begin trading on the Blockchain with our wallet.

You can invest your NDC in a variety of funds connected to the ROCKtropia Virtual World or new worlds in development like AmeVRica and Asgard VR

Investing in ROCKtropia Funds will stimulate the existing ROCKtropia virtual goods economy because a portion of your investment will be used to develop new content or events and also create gamified jobs. As the economy is stimulated, the fund will track the activity growth and give fund investors the opportunity to loot bonus items (tokens) that will be used for our new blockchain based games that are currently in development.

You can even create an Avatar and play games yourself that will directly stimulate the growth of a fund creating new looting opportunities for yourself, for example you might want to invest your NDC in the Dragon Treasure fund. Then visit Rocktropia and hunt the Dragons. This will directly impact the Dragon fund, which counts the number of Dragons hunted per week to determine looting opportunities for fund investors. Alternatively you could invest in the No Way Out Prison fund, while you yourself attempt to escape.

If you don’t want to actually create an avatar you could simply trade in the various fund tokens and perhaps make a profit as their prices fluctuate based on the hunting trends on the planet. You could also invest in the ROCKtropia fund which counts all Mobs hunted on the planet and even vote on propositions presented by the ROCKtropia Gov as they try to steer the ROCKtropia economy to new heights.



NEVERDIE is disrupting the games industry – Get Paid to Play!!

You can start earning right away if you have a PC or a Mac that can run windows. ROCKtropia Virtual World is developed by NEVERDIE Studios and has been live since 2010, with regular version updates that add new content and gameplay. ROCKTROPIA features a real cash economy offering unlimited opportunities for users to play, trade and profit. Now as the ROCKtropia economy has grown, The President of Virtual Reality has started a game changing virtual jobs initiative that will pay anyone and everyone $10 Per month to play. All you need to do is Hunt AI Bots for a few hours a day to prevent them from sabotaging the development of the Teleportation system or sucking the VR economy dry by farming vixen technology.

Plenty of other job opportunities will also arise in connection with the Development of the great Teleporter. “The First Wonder of Virtual Reality” and also from economic stimulus provided by the ROCKtropia Funds.