Last updated: Oct 26th, 2017


The NEVERDIE Wallet is being designed from the ground up to be the premiere ERC-20 crypto wallet. Full compatibility with all NEVERDIE tokens and Ethereum tokens will make it a must have for any crypto enthusist. The wallet will be availabe for Desktop, iOS & Android. Your wallet will transition seamlessly between platforms. Send something from the desktop then get on the go and check the tx status through the mobile app. All games that utilize NDC, TPT and other NEVERDIE tokens are fully compatibile with the NEVERDIE wallet. You can also store all your orther crypto coins as well making it one wallet to rule them all. There will be no charge to use the wallet, no subscription fees.

Creating Account

Info Coming Soon. For now you can use our ICO Wallet. This method however requires either MetaMask, Parity or Mist. This integration is in the process of being depreciated for the release of the official NEVERDIE Wallet