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Last updated: Oct 12th, 2017

Wallet & Tokens

Can I Use NEVERDIE tokens in other wallets?

Yes :D Any wallet that supports ERC-20 Tokens can handle NEVERDIE tokens. Below is a master list of all our tokens so that you can add them to any wallet that supports watching tokens.
Master Token
Fund Token w/Yield
Fund Token no Yield
Game Token
Symbol Name Contract Address Decimals View
NDC NEVERDIE Coin 0xa54ddc7b3cce7fc8b1e3fa0256d0db80d2c10970 18
TPT Teleport Token 0xc596bd09d652827b0106292d3e378d5938df4b12 18
RD ROCK Dollar 0xff001a425ddd085500db2365454c7b581fdd4cd0 2
RT Respect Token 0x9fd9310d0c5a6961663b57ce15afa7207795a9bb 2
LS Lost Soul 0x5a263050f6bfa6ccd262de9f5451c65e5831c817 2
DS Dragon Scale 0x106734655a3c75b92c154a7f827c4ab7d9111854 2
CE Cats Eye 0x83ddf6b7c18745b3774410dd144956eb707bf30c 2
AN Antler 0x63a2f26ea2d2024c412ceee60d24813ca11b9829 2
AT Antidote 0xe4d5ecdd6cd4511376f3e49593188053cd194cfa 2
CO Code 0x6d9fda41cfbb0faa614bb597c4a02af336fe8dd0 2
VRG VR Gold 0xb6f09f221d7a93390235d427c72fffc4f3856a9f 18
VRS VR Silver 0x2498aa67cd08ac321085734a8570137ec2001731 18
SKL Skill 0xa7bd9d58d22d5e35ec4a08083141e0340ea2ca93 18
KRM Karma 0x310a9ed2c3bab37171c9d915a7211dda25232cf4 18
HP Hitpoint 0x90c32dad1cd18a4182bc215aba0e61a4ffe7919b 18
LV Love 0x2ad921a8ec68bffc134cc0ee8ff760bc5864a99a 2
XPER Experience 0xd28525ad63f337c86843d720dae921228e44f0ac 2
STR Strength 0x6efa7c3d995572b5fb1c4cee780f2b101ef635f5 2
DEF Def 0x1b4AF26ddDdA3f8BCefcf1E0A4621a8067357CaD 2
INT Intelligence 0x13ac8d5640f573c6584b724135055e49455d2626 2
DEX Dexterity 0xe7d9742fb323f0493de454478049b9619b1711a6 2
CHA Charisma 0x5918a69edb169c2fa02ab2ae7ba3d16fd9b22415 2
WIS Wisdom 0xdd147cf0cb55cce0eb02db09753e6a21f90b432c 2
EGO Ego 0xbf7768951b9372807b7e5a0accc03be187b99dad 2
PER Perception 0xd7ce991ceeb89bd8bb160a463843238bfb183881 2
LUCK Luck 0xca1c217a2200b60dbd52e33c7cb1758db2b30a0e 2
TLP Telepathy 0xec9353c85e8fcdb190c14fa0817a64339b8b747a 2
TLK Telekenisis 0xd3747fd12be66531de15f4aafd4ae56e777b9722 2
STA Stamina 0xbf6a2fa04860f0b2f9e7d5a76d841ccbabaffb8f 2
NARC Narcissism 0xe443f2ddb12e4a27f7c0dc646a1341d22b80c8bc 2
EMP Empathy 0x45f9292d36789519faf8272033b077081741a87b 2
MAG Magic 0x6da2b0b95659f89c2332953fa84bc97633eb73ae 2
TLNT Talent 0x54850a93cae932c261f6023b6596b8ed3ef8a75b 2
FOOD Food 0x5b37bc4912893dd71b6d6c41b824d333ed298fea 2
WTR Water 0xf64b2060c3e6d7601a5d57c68db754c4889a6b6f 2
HYGL Holy Grail 0x5afd408eb4076d28be3cc38d9e753a24117e8c47 2
ARK Ark of the Covenant 0xb5a6053ec99821396efae3694446cc9bcce061e2 2


How Do I Get Help?

There are few steps to take if you need assistance. We have a DISCORD channel you can join where you can interact with our live support team. Additionally there is our official FORUM where you can read existing threads or post a new thread to get help from the community. If all else fails then feel free to EMAIL us however it will be the slowest way to get a response.

What do I need to use the NEVERDIE Wallet?

The NEVERDIE wallet in it's current form supports MetaMask, Parity & Mist. Shortly however your NEVERDIE Wallet will become independent of these tools.

I've sent tokens by mistake now what?

Unfortunately our tokens work the same way as other crypto. There are no takebacks.